Power Posing - It Does Our Body (And Mind) Good

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We tend to think it is all in our head when our confidence, optimism and assertiveness seems to fly out the window on a stiff breeze.  We also tend to think it is out of our hands when our levels of stress rise on every tidal wave of concern.  But what if a two minute power pose could help get us back in control? 

We know there is a mind/body connection to our confidence and our stress.  We can feel it physically.  And it affects our health.  Asked  about it, we would probably say that our body and our posture tends to reflect our mind set.  We stand tall and proud when we feel powerful and capable.  We huddle in a corner when we feel overwhelmed and powerless.  

When we want to break through our feelings of  inadequacy and increase our confindence and reduce our stress, we generally convince ourselves with a mental pep talk and convince others by standing (or sitting) tall with chin up and chest out.

But, according to research by social psychologist and Harvard Business School professor Amy Cuddy and her co-researcher, our body language actually sends messages not just to those around us, but to ourselves as well.  In as little as two minutes, we can actually change our own hormone levels -- increase testosterone (the dominance hormone that affects confidence, optimism, assertiveness) and reduce cortisol (the stress hormone) with our posture.  

How do you reduce stress and increase confidence?  Do you give yourself a pep talk?  Have you tried a "power pose" -- standing like Wonder Woman with your feet spread and your hands on your hips for two minutes?  It really does increasee your confidence and reduce your feelings of stress.


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