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We're excited to announce the winners of five free passes to BlogHer '10 as part of BlogHer's 5th Anniversary Celebration.

Thank you, all of you who played #BlogHer5. There were so many people who wrote posts comments and Tweets -- we loved your 5 words, 5 connections, 5 pictures, 5 issues and 5 opportunities. It's been our best birthday ever :)

So many entries, in fact, that we turned to to select the winners. Here they are:

1. SueBob Davis

Five words: Whirlwind of learning and socializing #blogher5

5 connections:
Rachel from Tales of my 30s
Cecelia from CoolBabyKid
Heather from ClizBiz
Jeremy Pepper

Those are all people I met AT BlogHer & didn't know about before. Of course I have met dozens of people I had already heard of or read...

2. Hey Jen

Five words: Because while I am enjoying the company of some of the women on here I haven't gotten to make any connections (other than said women! :), made any connections through blogging or have attended a conference yet, but I should very much like to this year. :)
1. Fun
2. Intelligent
3. Interesting
4. Freedom
5. Full ----of everything! You want it, you can find it here! Aside from used panties, please don't look for them here.

3. Bookish Penguin

Five words: My five words for BlogHer are:
Bold, loquacious, gregarious, heart-warming, and reassuring
Get it?  BL(o)GH(e)R  :-)

Five reasons for BlogHer: 
1 - I will have a 2 1/2 month old at that time and will need to get out of the house and do something grown up.
2 - I was so envious of the people who went last year and made wonderful connections and learned amazing things about how to grow their blog.
3 - I live right outside NYC so I won't need to pay for airfare or a hotel!  Just the bus!
4 - There are so many wonderful, inspiring bloggers I'm hoping I get to meet.
5 - I want to learn and grow so one day I can be a wonderful blogger that someone else wants to meet because the most fulfilling thing about blogging is making those personal connections.

4. maricrisg

Dreaming of BlogHer!
Call it my "long-time dream". Eversince I've heard of BlogHer back in 2008, I told myself that by hook or by crook (or simply translated: having the budget for it) that I would one day attend this infamous conference! So here's my 5 words from a woman dreaming to attend BlogHer this year because of what it gives:
VOW - Voice of Women
Social Media Education
Friendships (I so wish to meet Lisa, Elisa & Jory. Seriously, these ladies rock!)
Best of all - FUN!
To win or not to win, I'll keep dreaming. So please wish me luck! :)

5. rookiemomheather

5 connections:

and loved 'em 

Congratulations you all! See you at BlogHer '10.


for Elisa, Jory and Lisa 
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