Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Seminary

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Seminary

Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.  ~Aristotle
Davey, Sheri & me at their Wedding in Minnesota. Great time! Perfect couple! 4/12/14

This past weekend was a celebration of the highest degree.  Before God, my good friend Davey married his soul mate, Sheri.

The wedding took place in St. Paul, Minnesota (in the vicinity) near the couples residence and Sheri's family.  They got married in the historic Fort Snelling Memorial Chapel.  The reception was at the Historic Concord Exchange Building.  What a lovely wedding and a perfect venue!
Ava & Aunt Sheri during the wedding... what a precious pic! 4/12/14
Let me step back a few years, and then a few more, and yet a couple more years, to answer the age old question, 'How do you know Dave?'  Personally, I love telling the story, I think it's fun and really unique.

Once upon a time there was a little quiet boy named Davey and a young hyperactive girl, named Heather, who attended parochial schools, he St. Bruno's and I Sacred Heart.  While making our mark on fifth grade, our teachers, who happened to be friends, wanted to get their students together to socialize.  My class only consisted of ten and I believe his the same.

Our teachers arranged for an exchange of addresses between the students to begin our written correspondences.  Yes, something that is nearly extinct, we had pen pals.  Guess who was mine?  Yep!  Davey!  I'm not sure how I ended up with him, I believe it was literally a named pulled out of a hat.  Either way, Davey became my pen pal and unbeknownst to me at the time, a life long friend.
Russ (Sheri's brother), me Deb (Sheri's sister) & her husband Rick.  Great family! 4/12/14
Russ (Sheri's brother), me Deb (Sheri's sister) & her husband Rick. Great family! 4/12/14

We wrote each other occasionally.  I sent him little GI Joe figures and we exchanged friendship bracelets.  We even talked on the phone a few times (he mostly talked about his cat when he actually talk, or when I gave him the chance to say anything).

We kept in touch throughout the year and I believe into sixth grade.  Then, alas, I moved on into the seventh grade, which was my junior high at Greater Latrobe High School.  He continued on with parochial school until twelfth grade.  Our communication fizzled out, that is until graduation, when we met up again at the mall.  Believe it or not, we worked together at a clothing store called Aeropostale in Westmoreland Mall.  Did we remember each other?  You bet we did!  We've remained friends ever since.  That was about nineteen years ago, plus the time we've known each other during our limited childhood interaction.

Garrett (Sheri's nephew & Debs son), Taylor (Sheri's niece & Debs daughter), me & Becca Schneider. What a great bunch! 4/12/14

Now fast forward from post high school days to a few years ago....

Here about the wedding & the new family Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Seminary

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