Congressman Souder's AFFAIR with PART TIME worker

Mark SouderO

Ok, by now you know that the 'family values', 'abstinence only', 'marriage is between a man and a woman' Republican Congressman Mark Souder from Indiana is resigning for having an affair with a staffer, but did you know she was 'PART TIME'?

He made a big point of the fact that it was mutual (she helped him film his abstinence video - shades of John Edwards and his videographer) and that she works PART TIME for him. You know what that means?

Probably NO HEALTH INSURANCE, no benefits... He was messing with a woman who probably didn’t have a safety net.

That's not 'mutual', buddy, when you've got lifetime health benefits and retirement pay...

Oh, and his first response to the affair allegations was 'it’s revenge politics'.

No, its not, Mark, it’s integrity, which you lack.  YOU'VE GOT HER INTERVIEWING YOU ABOUT TEEN ABSTINENCE EDUCATION!!!  Hmmm, Abstinence, Affair, Adultery.  Mark, get your A words straight.  Don't let the door hit you on your way out...

He said, “In the poisonous environment of Washington, DC, any personal failing is seized upon and twisted for political gain.’

Um, Mark? No. Your affair, which, once CAUGHT, you now call a personal failing, is seized on because of your epic hypocrisy.  Your affair is used for political gain because you stand for nothing anymore, you’ve gone against every word you’ve uttered.

With your morality politics, through your 8 terms, you’ve made decisions that have impacted the lives of all Americans, yet you can’t even walk your own walk.  You’ve voted for the nuclear family, over other definitions of ‘family’ and yet you betrayed yours.  You filmed yourself talking about abstinence-only education, but committed adultery.  You say marriage can only be between a man and a woman, but you can’t even stay faithful to your own marriage, how can you judge the intent and fidelity of others?

Time for all of you who represent us in Congress to fess up, clean out your closets and act from integrity.

It's no longer a surprise that the Representative from Indiana had an affair in his office, its so cliché…

Yet he and his brethren are the ‘deciders’ for the morality of the rest of Americans.  We’ve got infidels in charge.

Time to sweep them out and bring in representatives who act from the truth of their lives, caring enough not to throw the PART TIME worker under the bus…