Who is your Family

Like a broken record I repeat, my proven theory that we make our family based in the people we connect the most, the people we can trust and love regardless of blood ties.

We tend to associate with certain peers we are forced to be with for different reasons then we realized we have nothing in common with them then use our God given right of free will to discern what is best for us; we disassociate from them. This is when you create your inner circle of trust called your family.

There is always a persistent need to connect with others, there is the feeling to be needed, and there is a thirst of love out there. I guess we want to keep our individuality and still be part of the whole.

It must feel great to have a safety net to fall back, if something goes down. Us human are social beings, that need to interact in society, that have the need to be missed regardless of how much they like to be alone. We all have the need to have that physical interaction with others or a compliment to interact.

We are spirit, body, mind and we need to learn how to interact, learn how to coexist one with another so we can build a better humanity then call each other family.

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