Bloggers Visit Connecticut and Offer You a Chance to Win!


Fourteen bloggers are sharing stories of their memorable visits to Connecticut; enjoying destinations, attractions and their favorite food. Click on the posts below to read their stories and share which Connecticut destination would you like to visit. You will be entered to win $1,000 from BlogHer to help you plan your trip to Connecticut!

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The BlogHer Visit Connecticut  sweepstakes run from 6/14/12 through 8/8/12 and is only open to individuals who, at the time of entry deadline, are legal residents of the United States and are 18 years or older. Click here to read the official rules. Winners will be randomly selected from all eligible entries. Good luck!

Connecticut is for Runners: Win $1000 Gift Card

When you think of the Northeast a lot of things may come to mind….but when someone asked me what I would do with a trip to Connecticut all I could think was RUN!!! I think they should adopt the slogan “Connecticut is for Runners”....more

Classic Hot Fudge Sauce + Farm-Fresh Ice Cream of Connecticut {and a giveaway}

Trips home from the beach in the summer on Long Island growing up meant ice cream: Carvel, Friendly’s, or maybe even McDonald’s. However, here in western Connecticut, our summer excursions include trips to “the dairy”. We get in line and wait 20 minutes in the blazing summer sun (though sometimes under umbrellas in the rain too!) for a chance to indulge. ...more

Connecticut's Fabulous Pizza Scene

Pizza in Connecticut is somewhat of a phenomenon. There are so many great pizza places, and everyone has a favorite — but it’s more than that. It’s like taking sides in a never ending pizza battle. And it’s not just us Connecticut people noticing these great pizza joints — many are nationally ranked as the top pizza places in the country....more

The Arts are Alive and Well in Connecticut!

I've been to Connecticut many times in my life. It's a beautiful state, full of thriving cities, picturesque small towns, a beautiful shoreline and lovely countryside. Now that I live in New York state, I have the opportunity to visit Connecticut more often. And this year, through my work as a Voice, Speech & Dialect coach, I have been privileged to work at two of Connecticut's premiere regional theaters....more

Where I Live (and what Connecticut is not!)

Connecticut is rich in history– we were one of the original colonies, after all. Our towns were settled in dates that start with SIXTEEN. That’s old, US-wise. This history can be explored in our little town halls and our major museums. But it can also be explored in our woods, our hills, our trails, our long-abandoned railway tunnels…...more

Connecticut Beginnings & A Breakfast Recipe {Pizza Treat}

Connecticut for me holds so many memories of family, weddings, white Christmases but most of all food. There has been a breakfast tradition passed down through the family that I haven’t shared with you guys yet. You could call it a twist on Cinnamon Toast, only made with fresh warm biscuits. ...more

Girls’ Getaway and Discovering Connecticut

Two years ago, an idea quickly gained momentum. We needed a girls’ trip. The e-mails flew back and forth between me and three girls I went to high school with, and a plan started coming to fruition. Our requirements were simple.A fun spot to visit. Easy to get to. Not overrun with tourists. Far enough away that it felt like a mini vacation, yet close enough that we didn’t waste all our time driving....more

Trip to Kent, Connecticut and $1000 Giveaway!

 I’ve been to Kent many times, but no where near as often as I should, considering it’s charm and beauty. You won’t regret spending the day in this pseudo touristy town. Walk around the pretty downtown and stop in the charming gift shops and stores throughout the village. Have an iced coffee, cappuccino or chocolate truffles at Kent Coffee and Chocolate, or have a creamy gelato and sandwich at Panini Cafe....more

Consider a Connecticut Vacation

My husband and I love to take an occasional long weekend "get away" trip to stay in a romantic bed and breakfast located in one of the eight counties in Connecticut. We love to explore new towns and enjoy the wonderful hospitality we always find at each location....more

As Much Fun As You Can Fit In One Weekend

Between trips to the aquarium, the seaport, parks, and various bodies of water all I do is post about the fun we have living here....more