Connecting the Dots from Climate Impact Day

On May 5th, invited the world to Connect the Dots between the rise in weather related catastrophes and climate change. This day served as a ‘wake-up call’ for everyone to stand in solidarity with the communities in the front lines who have experienced the severe floods, droughts and storms that are no longer a prediction of the effects of Global Warming, but are now a reality.

The risks of climate change have been categorized into five “reasons for concern” by the International Panel of Climate Concern (IPCC). These are described as:

- threats to endangered species and unique systems - damages from frequent and extreme climate events

- a global distribution of effects that fall most heavily on developing countries and the poor within countries

- global aggregate impacts (reflecting the various measurements of total social, economic and ecological impacts)

- large-scale high-impact events

The following Climate Change Extreme Weather infographic from speaks volumes. It is time to connect the dots.

To see images from the event from around the world, visit


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