Considering a Syringe Full of Synthetics that Promises Eternal Youth? Try Alt Organic Eye Cream, Instead.

Is it just us or is there a significant contradiction in the line-free smile of the self-described ecoista who wouldn’t be caught dead with a paraben or petrochemical in her moisturizer but looks the other way when presented with a syringe full of synthetics that promises eternal youth?

Especially when there are alternatives like TAUT, the new eye cream from Elique Organic Skin Food, which blends together natural ingredients like avocado oil, honey, German chamomile, rock rose essential oil, rosehips and green tea into some kind of miraculous alchemy that seriously relaxes wrinkles, reduces fine lines and lightens dark circles. Use it overnight, and you’ll see the difference in the morning. And the stuff is so rich you may not need to add eye cream at all during the day, meaning your mascara could stay put past 10 a.m.

All organic, all the time, Elique Organic Skin Food products contain no synthetic preservatives or chemicals and are hand made in Venice, CA from ingredients sourced at local farmer’s markets, then packaged in glass to avoid the toll plastic takes on the environment as well as the toxins it can leach into your beauty products.

And despite the simplicity of its recipe, TAUT delivers on the promise of its name, so that the next time you run into an old friend who gives you the nudge, nudge, wink, wink backhanded compliment that you look so well-rested, you can just tell her you found a new eye cream. And so not be lying.

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