A Consistent Online Identity

Do you maintain a consistent username, avatar, domain name, or other "names" that represent you online? Or do you use different identities in different places?

I generally try to be consistent by using my real name and often use vdebolt as my username. That's my domain name, my Twitter name, and I use it in several other places that represent me professionally. The photo I use on BlogHer is one of the few smiling photos of me that I possess. I use a version of it as an avatar in several places, including Facebook.

In places where I'm not so concerned about my professional reputation, Flickr for example, I use a different username (veesees). I do attach my real name to my Flickr account, so I'm not really hiding anything with that username.

I don't make any attempt to be anonymous online, but I know many do.

Do you try to maintain a consistent image online? Do you think it's important to be consistent?

Virginia DeBolt
BlogHer Technology Contributing Editor