A Conspiracy? Or Good Recycling? An Investigative Report

The makers of Spider-man pencils have a lot to answer for, according to Sam (last name withheld by request).

Sam came home from school and relayed the following story to his mother.  “I took my Spider-man pencil to the sharpener and when I started sharpening, some of the paper started peeling away. So I was gonna rip it off until I saw that it was really a BUTTERFLY pencil instead!  So I stopped sharpening right away!”

He pulled the offending pencil out and began peeling.  “See!”

Sure enough, there is a hard coated butterfly pencil underneath his Spider-man pencil.  He tested a couple of others and found the same result.  His mother supposed that the manufacturers were essentially recycling a product in an attempt to make it more saleable.

Yet, according to Sam, at what risk?  That boys would be discovered using purple butterfly pencils? Sam would like to issue a warning to all boys using cool pencils in school: “Be careful when you sharpen. You don’t know what you’ll find.”

His purple butterfly-loving sister was last heard negotiating a trade for the butterfly pencils ‘under wraps’ in exchange for plain colored pencils with the library’s logo on it.

Keep up to date on Sam's other discoveries, along with his family, at Creative Family Moments.


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