Contest Giveaway - Do something for somebody everyday for which you do not get paid - Albert Schweitzer

Yesterday, I heard a sermon that was both a challenge and yet naive.  The theme was simple.  Real power is getting behind.  Getting behind another to help them take a step ahead. Numerous examples were given from Mother Teresa to Father Damien. In closing, the preacher uttered an Albert Schweitzer quote…Do something for somebody everyday for which you do not get paid.  

Looking out at the Q-Tips in attendance, preacher said it would be nice to do, but he stressed  the required mental, physical and time commitment.  At this point, I was waiting for a young mom or a spouse tending to an invalid partner to yell out – what the hell do you think I do every day!

Latter in the day, I began to question myself – can I do something for somebody everyday for which you do not get paid.  Today (Monday), the idea was discussed in a small staff meeting. We made a commitment.  Everyday, we would support one older guy, who’s an internet slaggard.  By support we mean - one of us would provide the hand-holding, telephone support to get someone up and running on his computer, accessing the internet and using our full application (which we would give free). Getting someone up and running on our application maybe a bit self-promoting, but there are two reasons.  First, we understand and know how to encourage someone to use the application; and secondly, our application gives the user exposure to 100’s of other sites. 

To nominate someone please access:

john montelione, head coach,



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