Continent Hopping: A Day in Africa, Morocco Part 2

Asilah, Morocco was beautiful. There really isn’t any other way to describe it. As we strolled through their Kasbah, we witnessed the sheer beauty of this old city. White buildings with teal doors, flowers growing everywhere, cobblestone streets, narrow alleys, and the colors that could be found painted on the buildings were unbelievable. A photographer’s dream.

Jamal led us through the windy, twisty roads all the way to the top, where climbed a set of steps, and suddenly was overlooking the ocean. Waves were crashing on the rocks below us, and this perfect little white-washed town was overlooking it all from a cliff.

So, instead of describing this lovely town, I’m going to just let you enjoy the sheer beauty of it through photos.











And I’m throwing this one in there for good measure. Since there was actually a note to take a picture and Instagram it (and yes… I did.)


To be continued… Up next- Adventures in the Tangier Kasbah and Market

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