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Lesson 4

A woman is still a woman, even after a one night stand.

As women we are quick to call another woman out of her name because she sleeps around. What do we call a man who does the same thing?  We are in the age of equal rights for women on all levels except – money, job and sex.  I think that a women who wishes to have sex with strange men to fulfill her lustful need, is ok.  But to have sex with strange men to fill an empty spot in one’s life, not good.  See what happened was…

Laneisha had her night set up right.  She wanted warming lubrication, a how to book and two different types of dildos.  One had to have a solid grip handle, over three speeds and thicker than her fist. The other had to rotate, be extra long and light up or glow in the dark. She was going to work it all out, before the start of a new day.

“Andrew is not the type to want to try a new position in bed and Alex is not the type to not try a new position in bed.  For them to be twins, they are so opposite.”  She tossed her weave long blonde hair over her shoulder. “I mean, trying to satisfy two men both before midnight is one thing, but two opposite men is another.  I have to be in the circus at the same time be on a farm.” She handed me the money and laughed at the questionable look on my face.

I am all for group sex, be it two men one woman, two women one man or all men, all women, but family?

“They are conjoined twins.  Together at the base of the hip.” Laneisha made a few hand gestures.  “I can’t love them both and they understand me.” Her eyes were steely and her face was stone.  She picked up her items and left.

I thought for a second about how she could do such a thing and then… It is none of my business what she does…she is not hurting anyone…she is a successful lawyer and she is working on her forth masters’ degree.  She is enjoying her life…that’s more than many other women are doing.

Lesson 5

Gay means Happy woman

Arletta had informed the party goers the moment she entered the door that she was gay and that there was nothing any of them could do about it.

“I’m gay and fuck you.” She said taking a seat next to Nikkie who, if given enough time, would have moved to the other side of the room. “Don’t worry, I don’t want you.”

By the time the party was in full swing, no one carried about the sexually preferences, we were all women having a good time.

Arletta turn in the room was long lasting.  She told me about her ten year love affair that left her for a younger woman. She went through the crying nights, longing days and an empty heart. It was no surprise to her that her lover returned a year later, begging for her to take her back.

“I am just now getting over her!” her fists were balled up in anger. She blinked her eyes several times to keep the tears from rolling down her cheek. “I don’t want her back!”

“Then don’t take her back.” I said.  “How many women out there are looking for a wonderful woman to love and care for?” I handed her the back of lotion and shaving cream. “Until then you have to have fun with yourself.”

She looked at me in surprise. It was as if she had never thought of finding someone who would love her for her, even worst, to enjoy herself along. “I’ll take this, this, and this.” She said backing her bag full of stuff. “I’m going to be happy without her and I’m going to be happy with me.”

I talk to these women week after week and gain new lessons on love that expands my understanding of women and men.  I too wish him back, but I don’t want him.  I enjoyed his different moods of sexual experiences from mild to wild.  If he did come back, it may not be the same type of sexual ecstasy. I let him have his way with other women and there is no way back from that. In the end he is not woman enough to understand my heart, gain knowledge of my mind and take the wisdom to do it all. 

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