Contre Jour : The ipad Game now on the web

I wonder how many people have played the game, "World of Goo". Revolting as the name sounds, it is one of the most engaging games I have played in recent times. The time when I played it, it was a desktop application and was before all this tablet revolution took over our lives. Fast forward a couple of years, and a equally engaging ipad game came out called Contre Jour. It was based on the same premise and was now portable. It had the benefit of being touch friendly and soon made it to multiple top 10 games lists. Now microsoft has gone one better and made the game truly portable and platform independent by redoing it in HTML5 and putting it up at

The web version has been around for a few months now, but I discovered it only today, and I loved it.

The game dynamics may make it a little hard to play with the mouse, but with a touch enabled device, the game is wonderful, and playing it on my windows 8 tablet made it so intuitive. You guys should check it out, let me know how you like it.




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