Conversation hearts....

I really like conversation hearts. In my opinion the recipe has changed a bit over the years and today's hearts are much more sensitive to the elements than the conversation hearts of my youth. That could be a complete myth though and my only reference point is the small box of conversation hearts from last year....or the year before (?), that I just ate 2 days ago. They were hard and chalky and had almost no taste at all. It really started to bug me when I had eaten about 20 of them. I could barely choke down the last 10 or so. I was so disappointed in the taste I took revenge on the hearts by eating them without even reading the message. Oh I can be bitter when I need to be.

The childhood candy, Smarties, have the perfect amount of sweet and tang. Conversation hearts should strive for this level of yum.

When I was in grade school, I was no big fan of Valentine's Day. Not for any reason that I can pinpoint, I just remember thinking that I could possibly end up with zero Valentine's in my handmade bag. My mother was famously cheap and the box of, say 500, generic Valentine's that the 3, and eventually 4, girls had to "split" were embarrassingly weird. I did not want to send a "please be mine" to every boy in my class. I actually thought they would read them and think I meant it.

When my Grace was in 1st grade, I was in her classroom for her Valentine's Day party. My sweet Grace was so excited to hand out her Valentine's. She had cards for boys, and cards for girls. As I walked around with Grace as she filled the kids' bags, she was so proud, so joyful. It made me wonder why I had been so stressed over this day when I was little. Grace put a card in the bag of one boy in her class. One boy whom I was not a fan of but Grace was nice to. This child intercepted Grace's hand as she went to drop his Valentine in his bag. He took the card, looked Grace in the eye, and ripped the card to shreds, and put it in the trash. Grace burst into tears. I was so stunned. I scooped up my girl, and gave that child the angriest expression I could muster. Grace's teacher ran over and insisted that this boy apologize to Grace. He reluctantly did so and Grace stood there, big tears streaming down her face, and said, "why Adam? why did you do that to me?"

Yep, that brought it all back to me. That is what I feared as well. The shunning would have been as bad as the mistaken profession of true love always. Valentine's Day is confusing for kids.

But back to the conversation hearts. Are they NOT the perfect Valentine? Pick a saying that fits for the recipient and there will be no tears and no confusion.

Be Mine. You're Cute. Sweet. True Love. Best Friend.

Valentine's cards and school aged goodies have changed so much. I was picking up stuff for my girls and there were goodie bags with nail files, erasers, lip gloss, hand sanitizers.

We are sticking with mini Dove chocolates. Lea opened the bag yesterday and ate one. The wrapper has a message inside. Her wrapper said, "Hold hands tightly and hearts gently".

This is the "new" conversation heart. Never affected by weather. You can keep it forever. Lea thinks the saying is "super deep". I think so too.

I hope my girls receive some "deep" sayings from their Valentine's Day goodies. I love them so much. They are my forever Valentine's.

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