Conversations about a particular appendage.

Penises are very important to little boys (big ones too)! It’s a frequent topic in our house. We have pretty much the same conversation over and over again with our little boy. It usually goes:

Mommy, you not have a penis?

No, mommys don’t have penises.

Mommy, you a girl?

Yes, mommy’s a girl.

Mommy, girls not have penises?

No, girls don’t have penises.

Daddy has a penis.

Yes, daddy has a penis.

Daddy a boy?

Yes daddy is a boy.

I have a penis.

Yes you do.

I a boy.

That’s right, you’re a boy.

Boys have a penis. Girls don’t have a penis.

Good stuff. Sex ed is over. Can’t wait until our little girl starts talking and we can add vaginas to our frequent conversation topics!




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