Conversations with Charlie - Decorating the Christmas Tree

Every day after Thanksgiving Charlie asked when we could decorate the tree. It was something I was dreading this year. The following Thursday Charlie and I started putting the ornaments on the tree. The next couple of hours were filled with snippets of conversation from Charlie….

Charlie – Where’s my ornaments? Don’t forget I get to hang up my ornaments Mommy!

Mommy – Your ornaments are right here Charlie. Yes, you get to hang your ornaments on the tree.


Charlie – Here’s Daddy’s pizza ornament. He loved pepperoni pizza just like me.

Charlie – Look, I found Daddy’s ornament with his name. Just like mine!

Charlie – Where’s the leg lamp ornament? Daddy loves that movie. We watch it every Christmas don’t we Mommy?

Charlie – My NASCAR ornament! I picked that out at NASCAR when we went to North Carolina.


Charlie – Mommy, you have to put on the star. I can’t do it.

Mommy – Why not Charlie? You always put the star on top of the tree.

Charlie – Daddy isn’t here to pick me up.


And the final straw that broke my heart that evening……

Charlie – Mommy, Christmas is funner with Daddy here.




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