Conversations with Charlie - Jello

I’ve been making a lot of sugar free Jello this summer.  It’s 0 PointsPlusValue (PPV) and even the regular Jello is only 2 PPV per serving. Charlie loves it and it satisfies my cravings for something sweet.

Charlie – Mommy, who eats the yellow Jello?

Me – what?

C – Who eats the yellow Jello?

M – um….I don’t know know. Why do you ask?

C - Why do they make yellow Jello if nobody eats it? Nobody likes the yellow. Just the blue, red, orange, green and purple Jello.

M – I’m sure somebody must like it otherwise they wouldn’t sell yellow Jello.

C – Nope. Nobody likes the yellow Jello.


What's your favorite Jello? Do you eat the yellow Jello or know anyone who does?


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