Conversations with Charlie - Shapes

At dinner I was asking Charlie what he did school today like I always do. Sometime the answer is "Nothing" (they learn early) and sometimes I get a minute by minute replay of the entire day.

Charlie - Today we went to Math Centers. I had to do Math Center 1 again! Tomorrow I get to go to Math Center 2. 

Mommy - What did you do at Math Center 1 today?

C - Sorting, again. (with a tinge of sarcasm and a sigh)

M - Oh. So what do you get to do at Math tomorrow?

C - Mrs. B says we're going to learn about cylinders.

M - Do you know what a cylinder is?

C - yes, it's a can.

What could I say? The boy is right.


@texasebeth  and My Life, such as it is....

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