Conversations with Charlie - Too Hot!

It has already been in the upper 80′s weather wise here. On Wednesday when Charlie walked home from school it as 88 degrees, sunny and humid. His friend Taina has been complaining it is too hot to finish walking from our house to hers in the afternoons. Charlie is taking up the “It’s too hot to walk home” mantra as well. Here is how Wednesday’s conversation went.

Charlie – Mom, I can’t walk home from school anymore. It’s too hot.

Me – well, too bad. You only have 5 more weeks until school is out for the summer and you’re walking home.

Charlie – But Mooooom! It is way to hot to be outside. I’ll melt.

Me – I’m quite sure you won’t melt.

Charlie – Yes I will too melt. I’ll melt into a puddle of BLOOD!

Me – erm, a puddle of blood?

Charlie – YES! A big blood puddle on the sidewalk.

Me – I am pretty sure you won’t melt into a puddle of blood, big or otherwise.

Charlie – Moooooommmm! Yes I will! People are made of blood. Blood is a liquid. Liquids melt when they get hot. So people melt into puddles of blood.

Me - okay, what about the bones? They aren’t liquid.

Charlie – Fine. (totally exasperated) I don’t have to give you all the answers.



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