Conversations From The Veranda

A veranda is a roofed open gallery that is attached to the exterior of a house.    Cece loves the openness of a veranda with its air flow and movement…it is like life flows in and out from this one place in time.

And so it was, that Cece was in the midst of 8 of her friends sitting on a veranda high on a mesa top over looking the valleys below.  All were women and one girl…aged from 4-82.  As they sat and looked out from the veranda, they spoke of many things.  They started with the cooking since that was what they were doing….cooking in the orno bread ovens outdoors.  Then came the sewing..because that was the next item on their agenda.    Soon they spoke of their health…and their sex lives, then their men and how to please them and who was horny or not…and what to do if you were not.  The oldest woman listened and shook her head in agreement and added her opinions…nothing seemed taboo.

And Cece knew that this was the women talk of ages and ages gone by…the simple sharing of secrets, and laughter and the giving of advice to each other across the generations.  And she felt so rooted and blessed to be relaxing with her friends in the open air of that veranda and watching life ebb and flow…and she knew  it had been this way with women for centuries.

“Bye for Now” from The Two Whos

Cece-one of The Two Whos


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