Converting to the Cloud: 5 Gains for Your Business

Believe it or not, most businesses are still slow to converting their documents to a cloud-based storage system. I get the initial hesitation though. Cloud storage often allows for material uploaded to be shared among many which for the more privacy-first inclined of us could be nerve wracking. And speaking of privacy… what about keeping said material private and secure without the worry it could get hacked into?

No need to panic just yet! Recently, the company I own launched its own cloud-based storage system, MyCorpVault, which works to help both new and established small businesses carefully and safely upload their corporate paperwork. And in between all of the launching frenzy associated with the product, I found there are five big benefits to making the cloud conversion for small businesses.

1) Organization. Panic settling in on the way to an important meeting when you realize you left the folder you needed at home? Frustration being taken out on your filing cabinet trying to hunt down documents from three years ago? And let’s not even touch on the crippling fear of your hard drive crashing. Cloud-based storage alleviates these worries by keeping all of your documents both past and present stored in one place that you can access at any time, with folders and labeling options available to keep everything in its place.

2) Plenty of storage room. 30MB to be exact – more than enough room to upload all of the corporate paperwork your heart desires (or requires!)

3) Regular backup and auto archiving features. Accidentally delete a document and need it back again? Or just need to file it away after you’re done with it? Retrieving documents are a snap in the cloud – much easier to handle than a paper shredder ever will be!

4) Ability to share files. Save the trees and share the documents via the cloud during business meetings. Keeping documents on the cloud allows for everyone on the staff to be able to access the material and collaborate, safely and securely.

5) Did I mention lack of panic and worry? I did, didn’t I? Peace of mind when it comes to your business is a must and a feeling you should get from all facets, especially where your paperwork is concerned!