Cook Click n Devour!!!

Hi there, welcome,I am Harini, basically an engineer,mother to a toddler, presently living in Chennai, India(S) with my husband n daughter. 
Why a food blog?
Well like many girls kitchen was totally a new place to me when I got married and I wow as so scared of stove :).I just started off to cook very simple basic south Indian meals and slowly found myself turning a food lover. Now I am very much passionate about cooking and very enthusiastic in trying cuisines from different part of world.After following so many food blogs,admiring the way those authors present their recipes as well as the stories behind them,I too wanted to start a blog of my own. In fact this blog was my brain child for more than a year and finally with enough push from my husband I started one :)
Sources for my recipes.
In recipes I make up I like to play with spices and ingredients so I tend to combine few unusual ingredients to see how it works.My next important recipe source is my mother,the authentic tam-bram and Tamil recipes mostly are from my mother. The other recipe sources are various magazines and my favorite food blogs.If  I borrow recipe from a different source I make sure I mention it in the post.
Finally coming to the name,
Cook click n devour
Cook- I love trying different recipes everyday and cooking has become my therapy and all the recipes I post here are the ones I cook personally for my family friends and relatives in my kitchen.I post only those recipes I have tried and tasted by my family and me.I am a vegetarian and I cook only vegetarian food with inclusion of dairy products.
Click- Having seen so many outrageously beautiful photos of food i have developed interest in photography too and I try to take a decent photograph of recipes I cook.All photos in this blog are taken by me .
Devour: Well this part is for you the readers :) :) I will be more than happy if you try any of my recipes and devour them
Comments and feedback
This blog is my humble attempt to share whatever I know about food and cooking.I am open to accept your constructive criticism and feedback which will help me grow.

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