Cookbooks oh yay!

I am prompted to write about my favorite cookbook. I have several cookbooks. I just went into my kitchen and took pictures of the books. When I post my blog to Facebook, I will add the photos.

The titles are as awesome as the recipes inside....

1) The Joy of Cooking

Required for my Diplome Culinaire class. See yesterday's blog. This book is 27 years old. It has food all up on the pages. Nice touch.

2) San Francisco a la Carte

A wedding gift. I have made several recipes out of this book which is sectioned off by the area of The City that inspired it. For example, Russian Hill or The Castro. Nice book. Haven't cracked it open in about a decade. It is 21 years old.

3) A Week in the Zone

Not exactly a cookbook in the traditional sense but it does have a recipe or two in it. It is a guide to eating the Zone Diet way. I tried it in 1995 about. I failed miserably. I am pretty sure it was the math that did me always. The book is 19 years old...more or less.

4) The Ultimate Ketel One Cocktail Guide

Absolutely NOT a cookbook. It was a gift...with a big bottle of Ketel One Vodka. I think from the actual Ketel One people. My husband built their headquarters.... twice, once in CA, once in Nevada. I drink my Ketel One extra dirty with 3 olives. It's an ongoing issue... (sly smile)

5) Top One Hundred Pasta Sauces

I need to get into this book again. I have made some spectacular sauces from it. One time I made this creamy tomato sauce with pancetta. I can see it right now....I added fresh peas...oh I may was so good. Our guests loved it. The book is 17 years old.

6) The Book of Burger, by Rachel Ray

I bought this for Boyd for father's day one year. Maybe 6 years ago? We have made several of the burgers. Most recently, The Cuban. It was great. This cookbook is on our kitchen counter, not in the bookshelf. It is standing between the knife block and the spice rack. Check it and see.

I wish I could show the Blogher world my photos...but I still remain completely unable to add a picture to my blog posting. Sorry.


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