I took Dogger back to the surgeon today and he was very happy with her progress! Yay! I also lied to his face.  He asked if I was doing her range of motion exercises on her leg and I nodded emphatically and said Yes I am!  I am doing nothing of the sort.

 I tried to  but Dogger doesn't seem to really like them and I'm not sure I'm doing them right and so I don't do them. Often. I've done them three times. It seems to be working.

I do walk her three times a day and I think that kind of ROM exercise is what is building her muscles back and helping to fight off the wasting.  Besides every time I try to do the ROM stuff, she looks at me in this weird way and it makes me uncomfortable. Its like I'm not supposed to be touching her leg that way,  she looks at me and says Bad Touch! Bad Touch!. She makes me feel like a molester. She's okay with the vet doing it but it makes her a little worried when I do it. She knows I'm going do something wrong and she wants me to stick with what I do know and not try to go all lay veterinarian on her.

So we go for another walk. In the cold.

I've had a very Doggercentric couple of days. On Monday I made her a batch of pink heart shaped cookies. They are adorable. I almost  missed my chance for pink though. I made these beef bullion flavored cookies and you have to add the bullion to water - the ideal time to add the coloring, but the water is magically transformed in to beef broth and then food coloring might not work very well - This is what I'm telling myself at least. I had to add the coloring later in the process and I worried I was going to end up with some uncute marbling effect or even worse beige hearts,  but thankfully, I caught it in time and since I no longer have to stir the mess myself, I let the mixer do its work until the color got thoroughly integrated in the dough and my dream of cute cookies was saved.

Actually, the cookies are bouillon, milk and garlic flavored cookies. But cute, very, very cute. And pink!

In March I'm going to make cute green shamrocks and at Easter I'm going for bunnies. Maybe cheese flavored. What do we eat at Easter? Ham? Lamb? Do they make lamb broth in powered form?


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