Cooking with the boys

Boy #1 torching the creme brulee


I had a crazy day yesterday. Not the typical craziness that I usually experience.

My kitchen was invaded by 4 local chefs who cooked and fortunately cleaned too - for a new local TV show called Come Dine With Me.
At 9 am 7 people rolled in, arms loaded with camera equipment, food, pans and preparations. It was hairy for a bit as I tried to juggle my morning routine with a little extra kitchen clean up and primping myself and the boys for this mystery adventure. I had no idea what to expect, I only knew they were filming in my kitchen and cooking for my family and I.
Honestly, do you think I would pass up a wonderful meal?
It was a really neat experience. Boy 1 and 2 helped prepare the meal with the chefs. They both enjoy helping me in the kitchen as I prepare tasty treats so this was right up their alley. Working in the kitchen, is after all, science, isn't it? I think when you look at it as a fun experiment, you'll agree that it would be appealing to most boys.
The craziness was manageable: Boy #1 had a hockey game in the middle of the taping so I had to leave with Boy #4 who was less patient and interested in the experience (as you would expect of a 2 year-old). Boy #3 is so cute with those dimples...but so naughty lately! He was supposed to help too, but instead instigated drama with Boy #2, who was mostly cooperative.
I know for sure, they enjoyed the food that had been prepared. I did too. It was a hoot to see all the chefs at work in my kitchen!
What do you do to get your boys interested in cooking and helping in the kitchen?


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