Cooking with Coke: 10 Recipes to Tease and Tantalize

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Tis a novelty, sure, to cook with Coke not carrots, root beer not rutabagas, Dr Pepper not bell peppers, 7-Up not sweet potatoes. But who's to resist the temptation of recipes that call for soda pop, especially when one cook after another raves about the results. Let's take a look at 10 recipes, savory (ahem) and sweet (that's more like it).

SAVORY Although, ahem, can anything cooked with sugar syrup end up anything close to "savory?"

Pig Pig's Corner ~ Pepsi Chicken
"This is a dish I cook whenever we have leftover Pepsi from our KFC indulgence. I usually stay away from the additional calories so there's always a lot left. This is another version of the Coke chicken I posted before. Coca-cola or Pepsi can be used in both recipes. Both very delicious. Both even better with the fresh herbs tossed in."

A Yankee in a Southern Kitchen ~ Coca-Cola Glazed Baby Back Ribs
"Even the husband gave me the rare and coveted 'delicious' honors after his first bite of these Coca Cola Baby Back Ribs. This is from a man who has drawn a line on the fridge shelf that separates his Pepsi stash and my Coca Cola."

The Hungry Mouse ~ How to Make Pulled Pork in the Oven
"... this was a very happy experiment that turned into one downright heavenly piece of pig."

Leite's Culinaria ~ Root Beer Glazed Ham
"Root beer is an effervescent blend of infusions and extracts either slightly fermented to produce carbon dioxide or mixed with carbonated water. Sassafras roots and bark, dandelion, wild cherry, burdock, spruce, wintergreen, ginger, nutmeg, cloves, and anise are flavorings found in root beers, and all make a wonderful enhancement to smoky ham."

Homesick Texan ~ Dr Pepper Ribs
"I usually like my ribs simple—seasoned with nothing but a salt, cayenne and black pepper rub, smoked low and slow over post-oak wood. But when I'm trying to make outdoor fare inside, I tend to change my tune. Take my Dr Pepper ribs. These are sticky, spicy and sweet, which is the exact opposite of how I like my barbecue. And yet, I love my Dr Pepper ribs so much that I could eat a whole rack by myself."

SWEET Now we're talkin'.

Biscuits and Such ~ Coca-Cola Cake
"We have a winner! ... It was a close competition, but this Coca-Cola cake, in the judges' opinion, had the best story and the best flavor. ...This cake was a delight to make and eat. The recipe had great flavor and texture, it was straight-forward, and the story that accompanied it was by far the best that we got. Coca-Cola cakes are a southern institution, and this was one of the best I've ever had. "

Grab Your Fork ~ Coca Cola Cupcakes "... when you consider the ingredients in cola: sugar, caramel colour and acid, its addition to baking and general cooking starts to make more sense. Nigella Lawson is probably one of its more well-known proponents for the wonders of cola cooking -- coquettish smile and helpless moan of satisfaction entirely optional."

Joy the Baker ~ Root Beer Float Cake "It's a wonderfully moist, super chocolate bundt cake. It's the kind of cake that's great to take to a outdoor summer party because it has the "hmmm" factor. People will wonder what's in it besides the chocolate."

Stephanie's Kitchen ~ 7-Up Bundt Cake
"This recipe has a lot of cheating going on (boxed caked mix). If you don't like cheating, then by all means, don't try it out! But my life requires it right now! And you would never know it. It is delicious and lemony and all that good stuff that I so adore. I could seriously eat this entire cake all by myself."

Baked ~ Dr Pepper Cake
"A bizarre cake that has the texture and taste of a store-bought packaged cake. This will pleasantly clog your arteries. It is fun to make though, simply because who would have thought all the ingredients would make a cake?"

And you?
And you, do you limit yourself to drinking Coke or do you expand your sodapop horizons? Leave a recipe or a link to a recipe in the comments!

BlogHer food editor Alanna Kellogg has yet to cook with Coke but was much impressed by both her poppy seed cake recipes, one made from a cake mix, another from scratch.


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