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Since my diagnosis sodium has become my enemy. While the understanding of Meniere's Disease is limited the general method of keeping symptoms at bay is decreasing the pressure in the ear. This is accomplished by salt-restriction. As my case is severe I need to fight salt in two ways - by restricting my sodium intake through food/drink and by taking a diuretic each morning.

My goal each and every day is to stay between 1500mgs and 1700mgs of sodium. Let me put that into perspective for you. A Big Mac from good ol' McDonald's contains a whopping 1100 mgs of sodium. Add fries and a soft drink to the mix and that's my sodium limit for the entire day. Sodium is everywhere and in everything, our milk, yogurt, ice-cream, meat, cereal, coffee - you get the point.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, if given the option between limiting my sodium intake or dealing with debilitating vertigo and hearing loss I will ALWAYS choose the low sodium route. It's been an adventure and I'm learning a lot. For instance I can now make my own salsa, pickles, hummus and more. The three cookbooks below have been a big help for both inspiration and guidance in keeping my meals flavorful and full of variety while keeping my sodium low.


Meniere Man In The Kitchen | I love this book for a number of reasons. The two most important being the recipes are simple, fast and taste great and secondly it's written by a gentleman experiencing the same things I am.
Sodium Girl's Limitless Low-Sodium Cookbook | I call this book my "fancy" low sodium cookbook. The recipes are a bit more upscale and take more time to prepare but are completely worth it. I pull this one out when I want something special.

The Everything Dash Diet | Christy from the Dash Diet also deals with Meniere's Disease. Her recipes are familiar favorites re-worked to be flavorful without containing tons of sodium.
According to a report by the CDC over 90% of American's eat more sodium than they should. In fact the report said that the average American actually eats over 3300mgs in just one day - Yikes! If your curious about your sodium intake or feel like spending a day in my shoes why not try tracking your sodium - you might be surprised by the number!

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