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Far from Malibu – Tokidoki Barbie

This time, Barbie has driven her shiny pink convertible far from Malibu and straight to Tokyo.  Her new Tokidoki look is reminiscent of the girly punk that characterizes Harajuku fashion.  The creator, Italian artist Simone Legno, is the mastermind behind the Tokidoki empire who has taken out the blond in Barbie.

Tokidoki Barbie’s sleek pink bob would be homage to the famous hair cut worn by Katie Holmes and Victoria Beckham, except for the blatant pinkness of it all.  Chic leopard print leggings are edged out with an off-the-shoulder top and her prickly pet Bastardino.  What has shocked the parents’ conscience, however, is not her painstakingly trendy clothes, but the oversized bib of flower tattoos covering her neck, décolletage, and shoulders.

When Mattel introduced the Tokidoki Barbie, some parents raised protest that the tattoos might be a bad influence on young Barbie fans.  In response, Mattel pointed out that the doll was being marketed towards adult collectors rather than children.  Considering that Mattel has previously issued Barbies designed by Diane Von Furstenberg and the like, I feel more inclined to agree that Tokidoki Barbie is an adult collector’s item (with a price tag that will break any piggy bank).  Though I can understand why parents wish to preserve Barbie’s innocent image.  This is Barbie!

Perhaps Mattel can compromise with a version of Tokidoki Barbie that comes with removable tattoo stickers.  I, for one, still love the creativity behind Tokidoki Barbie and desperately long that I had the professional flexibility of wearing that sleek pink bob.

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