Copycat, Copycat

The best part of figuring all of this out was later realizing that no one is ever in the lead, really.  Even though some folks may be further down the path, (like Oprah or J.K. Rowling,) it's not a race.  There's not a first place or a second place or even a last place because we all have a different finish line that is as individual as we are.  Not only that, our paths are wholly different. While I have started out drafting behind some amazing women throughout my life, my course has veered and each time I've found my own way. (But... boy am I thankful they were peddling before me.)  However, just as certain as I am in this moment that I'm going it "alone", invariably I will ride up behind someone who models something else for me, and I'll rest a spell in her draft, getting a sense for the speed and route, before I forge on "alone" again. And so the "race" goes.

This is dedicated to all those trailblazers and all those fierce peddlers who have gone before me, gracious, amigas.  I'd love to hear who you would like to thank for allowing you to draft behind them. Tell me about your copycat stories.

With burning thighs,


Melanie Bates 

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