Copycat Wizarding World of Harry Potter Pumpkin Juice recipe

Harry Potter | Universal Studios copycat recipe for pumpkin juice

I nailed it spot on. That heavenly warm apple pie taste (because let's be honest, Universal Studio's Pumpkin Juice doesn't taste of pumpkin juice) that comes out of the adorable packaged pumpkin bottle from The Wizarding World of Harry Potter? Yes, I figured out how to copy it.

I'll give you the trick straight up. You need to simmer it. Mixing it together cold and leaving as is, doesn't help release the spices. By heating, it infuses the spices with the juice, leaving you with a richer taste.

I hauled back a bottle of the pumpkin juice from Universal's Studio of Adventure, and sipped it as I trialled the recipe until it tasted the exact same.

I've seen different recipes using frozen apple juice concentrate and canned pumpkin. Unfortunately we don't get either here in Perth, so this recipe to replicate the pumpkin juice that you taste at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is made from scratch. You can try using canned pumpkin in place of the pumpkin juice and apple concentrate instead of the apple juice, which means you might not have to simmer it for as long, but I can't vouch for it.

And while we're at it, as adorable as the Harry Potter pumpkin bottles are, it didn't match with the image in my head when reading the books. So you'll find a free downloadable pumpkin juice label that I felt matched better with the book.

Visit the Food in Literature blog for the Copycat Harry Potter Pumpkin Juice recipe and the label to go with it!


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