Corn and Chipotle Soup Might Help. Will You Make Me Some?

He jogs up the field, a zig, a zag, oops a tumble but then he’s up again and in position. The ball streaks toward his outstretched hands as the crowd goes nuts. Yes! He caught it!

A proud parent jumps up and claps.

Not me. I was not the proud parent at the Y’s Itty Bitty Sports Class yesterday. Nope. I was the one sitting in the stands crying.

Why was I crying? My sweetheart of a son did not want to participate in his first sports class. He just wanted to watch. And by “watch” he of course meant wiggle on my lap and treat my appendages like a jungle gym. I was about to give up and head home when his skull crashed into my nose causing my whole brain to catch on fire. It still hurts nearly 24 hours later.

That was the best part of my day. Things have sucked a bit lately. J is going through potty-training and is doing great. But I’m so tired of lugging that potty around everywhere and of constantly needing to be on alert for his crotch pulls hoping to guess when he needs to go.

Then there are the mad dashes to the restroom. Imagine it: Overly tall woman, 22 weeks pregnant, cursing and running with 44 pound toddler cinched under one arm,  bag stuffed with wallet, cell phone, water bottle, snack, juice box and two changes of clothes slung over one shoulder AND oversize re-useable grocery bag containing large plastic potty slung over the other.

I know. I know. Just stay home till he’s got it. We stayed home last week. I was a morose mess of frump by Friday. Now that he has the knack a bit I *have* to get out of the house. And, my husband has been out of town this week so not going anywhere means not seeing another adult at all.

On top of all that potty crap, people around me have been unreliable and frustrating lately. I won’t go into details but just realize that if we have plans for anything over the next few weeks, canceling could bring the wrath of a tired hormonal pregnant toddler-mother onto your very own nose.

I doubt that anything can help my current grump but I could really use a comforting bowl of mom’s homemade soup. Without her here though, I will have to go without. It’s too hot to imagine simmering anything for long anyhow. With the hubs gone I’ll probably just settle for quick pasta topped with feta and olives.

But maybe, just maybe, sharing a soup recipe with you might help; if I can’t make it and eat it I can at least write about it and look at the pictures. Here goes.

Get the recipe for Corn and Chipotle Soup With Crisp Prosciutto at Cook the Story.

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