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After dinner one fall evening my mom skipped over to her friend’s driveway.

Mom’s friend: Whatdya have for dinner tonight?

My mom: Corn on the cob.

Confused friend: Corn on the cob and what?

My mom: Just corn on the cob.

Still confused friend: Weird.

My mom: Why weird? Corn’s my fave supper. I’ve been looking forward to it for months!


That is the absolute truth. Well, I don’t know about the exact words but I do know that a conversation like that took place. And I know my mom was surprised to discover that other families don’t perch around a platterful of butter, a shaker full of salt and a mound of steaming corn as soon as the cobs are ready to be shucked.

I find myself wondering why we didn’t sit down to this same dinner when I was a kid. Maybe it was because my parents didn’t rely on the garden for sustenance as much as my grandparents did. Or maybe it was because our garden didn’t hold quite as many stalks as my grandparents’ garden did. Or maybe it’s because my mom came to believe that corn for supper was a bit odd. Whatever the reason, corn on the cob played a mere supporting role at our table.

When I spotted a hill of “Product-of-the-USA” cobs at the grocery store this morning (I assume they’re from somewhere nearby to boot), I wondered what J and G would make of corn for supper. J can’t get enough of those squeaky yellow bits so he would certainly be delighted by corn’s promotion to feature attraction. But G, my cynical hubs, would undoubtedly squish up the lower half of his face and ask, “Where’s the meat?”

And so, a feast of corn is not on our menu.

We will have corn for supper though even if it can’t play a starring role. I’ll just have to find ways to make it shine (ways beyond just bathing it in a glistening coat of butter, as good as that is).

Over the next few posts I’ll be handing out some corn recipes. Depending on where you live, local corn may be a hazy autumnal memory. For you, I’ll share a dish that’s nearly as good with frozen kernels as it is with those whished off a fresh cob.

To get yourself in the mood for some shucking, take a peek at this story about corn and a dad called Corn and Courage posted by 24inmymind’s on BlogHer. How very appropriate with Father’s Day coming up soon.

Then, have a look at some of the ways that my fellow food-bloggers serve corn for supper:

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