Costa Rica - Natural Paradise

THINK of Costa Rica as a Rorschach test for tourists. Outlined on a map, it has no recognizable shape. But enclosed in tropical lines of latitude, with appropriate squiggles for mountains, coasts and interior borders, it's an inkblot for projecting travel fantasies. Beach enthusiasts trace the craggy coasts and see hammocks swinging in the sunset breeze. The eyes of the nature-minded glaze when they note all the national parks and adrenaline fanatics fixate on the mountains and rivers. Costa Rica is tiny, smaller in fact than West Virginia, but huge in versatility, with coasts on two oceans, coral-lined beaches, and active volcanoes, luxury hotels and surf camps, roaring streams and rich biodiversity. If you're planning a trip and want to see how many Costa Ricas you could sample in say eight days, try to settle on three: the rich primordial forest, the adventurer's playground and the beachfront paradise. After subtracting travel time within the country, you would have a day and a half to two and a half days at your chosen location for each one, time enough for a taste, at least, of the country's riches

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