Costco's Take and Bake Pizza

Disclaimer: I like Costco. Despite not being overly fond of having to pay a business for the privilege of shopping at their stores, and even though I don’t have a need for gallon pails of peanut butter and mayonnaise, or five gallon drums of laundry detergent and 10-pound sacks of rice, I like Costco.

Having said that…

I finally got around to buying a Costco’s Kirkland brand take and bake pizza. I’ve been a member of Costco since the early spring of 2008, and on one of my first visits to the store my eyes lit up when I first saw the enormous take and bake pizzas in their deli area. The cardboard boxed pie was a literal monster and I wanted to take it home and tackle it immediately. I didn’t.

Post continued here: along with much, much more. Videos and the ever popular "Monday's Music Moves Me" blog hop. Come and join in!

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