The Costs of Eating Organic

My dietary changes include eating as much organic as possible. 80% of my diet is the suggested amount. While I doubt that I am at 80% I have increased the amount or organic produce and meats that I purchase. When I can I also try to buy organic items such as honey, tea  and maple syrup.

As well as eating organically I have cut out processed foods, dairy, wheat, caffeine and alcohol.

I started 2013 by going to the grocery store to stock up on items I needed for my new diet. This included quite a few "start up" items - such as rice flour, pancake mix without wheat and spices. Lots of spices. Now that I cook every day my spices get quite a workout.

Between the start up costs and the added expense of buying organic my grocery spending has been incredibly high this month. It is only the middle of the month and I have already spent $366 on food. I have been to the grocery store at least 5 times and that number doesn't include the id="mce_marker"00-id="mce_marker"50 the husband has spent.

I won't lie, it hurts to send this much money on food. However, my personal finance philosophy is that it is up to us to choose our priorities and how we spend our money. Right now my priority is my health. And, now that I am almost three weeks in I can honestly say that have been feeling healthier. I normally have issues with my stomach at least once a week. The only time I have had issues since starting this diet was the day I cheated and ordered pizza (I won't be doing that again anytime soon.)

I don't know if I could afford to eat like this forever, but I am going to continue to do it as long as I can. We take in a lot of extra chemicals that mess with our hormones through the food we eat. This diet has made me realize how much I already feel better eating organically. I can't wait to see how I feel after a three months!


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