Costume Swap & Movie Recap: "Garbage. The Revolution Starts at Home."

During our GreenMoms movie night, we started out with a costume swap, then we had a vegetarian potluck and watched this movie called Garbage...about garbage. Click here to see pictures from the event.

The movie enlightened me: having been a green mom for several years, I already knew about many of the topics, but the interviews and the details that were given explaining how we are polluting our air, water, and bodies were fascinating and alarming! After seeing this movie I vowed to make more changes to reduce my own family’s pollution.

I was astonished by how most of our waterways are unhealthy and have been degraded by roadway run-off (oil and smog dust from automobiles) and raw sewage overflow.

I was baffled about how it is actually legal to put a coal mine near a school. I was very saddened that most of the children suffered daily from headaches due to coal dust inhalation. They also had to endure regular ground tremors from mountain top blasting.
I was angered by how the coal companies are blasting off mountaintops in the West Virginia Appalachians for coal. It was troubling how they are completely disrespecting a man who refuses to give up his land near the mines. The part that gets me about this blasting of mountains is there is no regard for birds, deer, or any eco-systems of creatures living there. I am sure they all get killed in the blasting. No words can describe this insensitive, harmful, cruel, completely destructive blasting by coal corporations. How is this legal?

The other part of the movie that surprised me was how dead bodies are decomposing more slowly. One theory is that our bodies are collecting so many chemicals and preservatives from our worldwide pollution, that we are actually embalming ourselves alive! Unbelievable!

After the movie, we discussed the part about how people create exponential amounts of waste during the holidays or at parties. We talked about ways to reduce our own party waste. Many suggestions echoed those on our GreenMometer page. One of the moms suggested washing and re-using disposables. Another suggested just using their own dinnerware for parties at home. For gifts, we talked about requesting people to bring specific homemade or eco-friendly gifts or no gifts at all. We agreed it is hard to do this for kids’ parties, especially when they are expecting lots of gifts for the holidays or birthdays. We discussed ways of minimizing this problem like asking guests to bring a gift that would be specific to an activity that would be happening at the party. For example, have the guests bring a plant to plant in the birthday kid’s friendship garden. Other suggestions were to request guests bring homemade gifts (provide them with a list of suggestions), have guests bring homemade photo books of themselves, or bring a gently used book for a book exchange instead of a gift.

Suggestions for gift-wrap included wrapping them in things around the house that are re-usable (newspaper, brown bags, or cloth bags). Everyone was reminded of the annual holiday gift bag making party, and they were excited to do that again this year. People commented that their friends and relatives really liked the fabric bags.

Have more ideas? Please comment!

-- Melinda

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