Cottage Chic Decor

I love Cottage Chic. Do you know what Cottage Chic is? I looked it up in the dictionary and, guess what, 'word not found'. So, I guess Cottage Chic is defined in the mind of the beholder, right? The pictures on the left (when there are two or more) represent what I defined as Cottage Chicas on 8/5/2011 {Wow - almost exactly a year ago!}. All pictures after the first one, and the headings in Red, are what I've added today - a year later - do you think my tastes have changed? Have they stayed the same but with broadened horizons?  

Crisp White Linens



White Shabby Chic Sheets


I have these sheets on the bed in my guest room and I just love them

White Slipcovers


Cottage Chic Parlour




Pink hydrangias in basket




White Ironstone

When I was in Melbourne a few weeks ago, I went shopping with my sister, Rhonda {we had so much fun - it was a really great weekend!}. We roamed around Historic Downtown Melbourne - looking in all of the thrift shops, antique stores and other cute little boutique stores in that area. I was drawn to white ironstone (in an Antique Store) as I always am, when I spotted this little lady:

My Small Ironstone Pitcher

I have collected ironstone to sell in the past, and most of it has sold in my Etsy Store. But this time, I'm keeping this gorgeous little pitcher for myself. I'm sorry I don't have access to my usual photo lighting equipment, so please forgive this photo. Notice the crazing? Would that be a deal breaker for you? Not for me - I think the crazing gives it even more character.

These are not my collections, but I wish they were:

Decorating with Vintage Ironstone Plates

Decorating with Vintage Ironstone Plates        



                                        I actually modified this post and added the above picture because Cindy, from My Romantic Home, has created the perfect 'Cottage Chic' Blue China Cabinet in her latest post. I am so in love with this China Cabinet. It has the Cottage Chic blue, the white ironstone, the silver, flowers . . . and flare!  

Cottage Chic Paint Colors

Your paint choice can be anything from white to grey to beachy blue to soothing yellow. Check out these beautiful 'Cottage Chic' Paint Colors:


Which paint color do you see when you close your eyes and envision your perfect Cottage Chic room? Is it a color of the hutch or anything on it {picture 1}? Or is it the wall color or the color of shomething on the table? Is it the color of the frame? Or do you like the yellow paint in picture 4? I'm leaning towards the color of the floor in picture number 2. I'd love it if you commented your favorites.

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Thank you so much for reading today!




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