Cotton candy boogers and Cold chocolate.

I am coming to the end of the month and the end of my blogging month as well. The prompts that remain do not exactly "prompt" me. The final one, for tomorrow is about a cream on a hot day or hot chocolate on a cold day...

I read that and it reminded me of a funny thing my daughter said once. Lea was probably 4. It was the 3rd of July and typical Northern CA summer weather...freezing. The girls and I were in Windsor, on the Town Green, with our dear friends, the Noonan’s. Boyd stayed home....he doesn't like crowds.

Anyhow, Kelly had blankets and snacks and a thermos full of hot chocolate. We were driving around; looking for parking and Lea was in the back seat, picking her nose. Todd saw her in the rear view and asked her what it "tasted like" since she was also eating her pickings...

She replied, straight faced, "well, Uncle Todd, they taste like cotton you want me to pick you one"? That is my Lea.

Well we all had a great laugh over it and then we found a spot and headed to set up our fireworks viewing spot. Just as the show was about to start, Kelly offered Grace and Lea some hot chocolate. Lea got all mad and shouted, "Aunty Kelly, I do NOT want hot chocolate, I want COLD CHOCOLATE"! We all just fell out laughing.

Lea is funny. So funny that she does not even realize she is funny. To this day, 6 years later, we refer to this day as the "cotton candy boogers and cold chocolate day".

There are many more Lea-isms that our families have shared. When the Noonan’s got brand new, Berber-type, carpet in their home. Lea went over to Kelly and said, "Aunty Kelly, this carpet is awesome, it looks like the dirt is already built right into it."

Her take on life is so literal. And in many cases LITERAL is laughable.

I see her now, growing into a pre-teen and I hope she does not lose her perspective. Her teacher last year said Lea was one of the funniest kids she had ever had in class. She asked me if we laugh all the time at home with her answer was, "yes, until we cry...”

Lea is also a complete challenge. A wild child if you will. She does have my sense of humor though. This can be quick and biting. I do laugh a lot with her. But sometimes.....that same intolerance that she had for hot chocolate, she can have for me. And that is not so funny.

I can say that Lea does not consume her nose pickings any more. She also denies having ever done so. She maintains that she does not like hot chocolate when it is "hot", but nowadays she can just wait for it to cool off.

Lea will need to work on her filter. She has me to help teach her this technique. I know Kelly was not upset by Lea's critique of her new carpet, but Lea may not always be in such admiring company.

My month of blogging about all things sweet has been quite sweet. It seems fitting to end it on the subject of my daughter(s). They are, by far, the sweetest things that have ever happened to me. I love them completely and being their mother is the finest job around. I thank you all for reading my blog. I am not going to promise to blog every day in September, but I will be "picking" some good topics to write about.

Until next time......

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