"Cougar Town," Andy Capp and Our Inner Wild

orlando by Judy Orlando

I was thrilled to read Judith Warner’s column in the September 24 New York Times ("The Real Cougar Fans" ripping the new cougar ethic. Personally, I am appalled by courgardom – not by its age reversal (who cares about age and gender disparities if they work?), but by its stalker aspect: Since when does a woman, particularly a gorgeous one with a wealth of experience, have to use teeth and claws to get her man? Wit, charm and money, sure (never held back a young person, either), but slashing? (For the record, I don’t think teeth and claws are useful man-tools, either.)

If you're looking for sex and you subdue a guy, or just overwhelm him, he’s going to wilt, and that’s not helpful. And everyone knows, if you’re looking for romance – well, stalking your kill just won’t do.

Why on earth are cougars catching on? Does anyone care? Does anyone want to be one?

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