What Is Your Blogging Goal?

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Since I first began blogging, I've had this dream. I knew what I wanted, where I wanted to go and how I planned on getting there.

For me, blogging was an outlet but it also had potential to allow me to do something I loved without sacrificing time with the people I love. Still, it hasn't always been a dream others could understand. When I would say "This could be it!"about my blog career, they only saw the dream and not the reality.

This Could Be It

Proving that your dreams can be reality isn't always easy.

It takes determination and, most of all, confidence in what you see (that others may not always grasp). When you have a dream it can be hard to make someone else see what you see, understand what it means and believe that it can come true.

I have come up against this so many times as a blogger. First I had to convince people that I was doing more than venting online. My site was not just an online journal - my words meant something and for some were actually important.

Next came the part where I had to show or almost prove that I wasn't just throwing money at a wall. I was investing in a business that had true potential. All of this was time consuming and at times point-blank frustrating.

Why was I proving my dream, my goals, and my passion to others?

It wasn't until I came to a point when I stopped trying to justify what I was doing and just did it that I started to see the results. I didn't work to give my dream validity anymore. Instead I focused on making it a reality.

That's when things started to pay off. The small things started to matter. I made connections, found support, created an impact and started to see true growth.

Suddenly the nay-sayers -- the ones who thought I was doing nothing but wasting time, money, and effort -- began to see that maybe this little dream of mine could actually be something.

In other words, my dream was becoming a reality.

I felt it. I began to see my hopes and plans coming into focus in real life!

Last week I went to my very first BlogHer conference in New York City. The fact that it was in my hometown and I'm getting ready to celebrate my 2 year blog anniversary makes me feel like things are beginning to come full circle.

One of my goals when I started was to make it to BlogHer and be able to pay for the registration through my blog profits. I was so excited when that happened.

Making my dream a reality was so much less about what others think and so much more about what I do. I needed this for me, not them.

So yeah, this could be it... This thing I love -- blogging -- is my dream come true, and I no longer want to prove it to anyone but myself.

What dreams have you worked on making a reality? Has it been easy or difficult?



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