Could he be bipolar or is he just a jerk who's an emotional abuser?


I was going to file for divorce in the summer of 2009

That was the other definite time I’d had enough.  I took a vacation day to do major housework.  Coming home from work, he stops at the end of the driveway to pick up the empty garbage can.  We have a long driveway, so he tossed it on top of the Escort Station Wagon and pulls in with it wobbling back and forth, barely staying on until the very end at which point it shot off the car.  It looked funny (and I am easily amused).  So I step out on the porch to greet him and am giggling about it when he starts yelling and throwing the garbage can demanding to know why I hadn’t walked out there to get the can.  AND I didn’t get the mail out of the box either!  “I shouldn’t have to come home to this shit.”    Trying to defend myself I say I had been scrubbing floors all day, etc.  and just didn’t think about it.  To which he replies, “well it looks like shit in here, like you haven’t done anything”. 

I felt crazy. 

He later apologized, but come on.

That’s the day I think, for me, the love finally died.  Then we found out he was sick and would not be able to work because of the 48 weeks of chemo-type treatment he would have.  This meant he would have to stop drinking (which he did waaaaay too much of), and I thought things would get better because of that.  Besides, I’d look like a raging bitch if I kicked him out now.  He doesn’t drink anymore, he’s not really sick anymore, but he’s still an asshole.


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