Could you go Vegetarian?

Have you ever considered going vegetarian?

Meat has been a staple in my diet since I switched from baby pablum to solid food. Every family gathering is sure to have either a roast beef, chicken, turkey or ham on the table. As time progressed my body seems to want less and less meat and more veg. Still, I'm not sure I could go full on vegetarian.

I have managed to limit burger consumption and actually prefer the veggie burger. Hot dogs, (the mystery tube) lost its appeal a long time ago but every once in awhile I still crave it. Pork is not something my body tolerates well and it would be easy for me to say, "Bye, Bye." It would be chicken I would miss the most and the fish I eat, as far I know, I could still keep that in my diet? Right?

That is part of the problem too; the research commitment. When I have seen people who start on the vegetarian path they often don't look that healthy in the initial stages. Gaunt like and pale. For those who properly educate themselves and transition well, their complexion improves and they speak of experiencing increased energy. It is the educational piece I would certainly need to incorporate. Am I ready to invest time into understanding the needs of a body that is no longer consuming meat?

It is not something I would expect from my husband or anyone else in my family. I feel it has to be a personal choice and the commitment comes from within rather than a sense of pressure from others. I also don't have a problem with the consumption of animals, in general. Though, I do have a strong dislike for the inhumane conditions some of those animals have lived in order to feed us. That is why we have tried to buy more free range and organic products; the closer to our home the better. In the end almost everything that nourishes us, plant or animal, was alive at one point.

Could I go vegetarian? I don't know. Do admire people who make that commitment and succeed? You bet! Will I be able to incorporate vegetarianism in my life? In small doses, yes. However, I'm not sure I know how to make it a more appealing option with the upcoming barbecue season. :)

"Could you go Vegetarian?" or "Have you gone Vegetarian and how was that transition?"

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