Countdown to Christmas 11 Days and Counting

Countdown to Christmas 11 Days and Counting
Food Banks are so such a great place to take your kids while they are on vacation this winter why? Well it does a lot
for kids I know it did mine to see just how much others are in need and to give your time in volunteering or even just dropping off a donation wither monetary or food is always a great way to give during this Christmas celebration month.

Food banks are in great need this time of year not just for non perishable good
but for diapers, baby formula, clothing, toiletries etc.

Most local food banks give more than just food they try to meet the needs
of their clients as best they can so check out your local office and see what
they need before stopping by.

Also remember with so many donations this time of year giving your time to volunteer is a

lways a wonderful experience I know it always has been for our family.

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