Countdown to Christmas 15 Days and Counting

Countdown to Christmas 15 Days and Counting

Christmas tree Shopping What to look for when purchasing a fresh tree seems easy enough her are a few tips for purchasing a fresh tree some never buy a tree that is not in existing water or you’re just paying for a very dry ornament.  Pick up your tree from the center and bang it on the ground if too many needles fall move on. Also look for the color of the needles not just the ones you can see but the ones in the center of the tree will tell you just how dry the tree is. Add  1 cap of bleach to your water when you place your tree in a stand this will help eliminate any bacteria brought in by the tree that aggravate allergies this time of year. If you are allergy prone you may consider an artificial tree so keep an eye on the up to 50% discounts available for almost all retailers.


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