Countdown to Christmas 2 Days and Counting

Countdown to Christmas 2 Days and Counting

Today is Saturday and I know you’ll find the day a bit hectic with last minute department store shopping, but remember your price book when shopping what may seem like a sale might not be. Keep in mind

if you don’t really need it now wait for those  Christmas Day and after Christmas sales and save even more. In fact you should be making notes in your book about sale prices now so if you decide to buy later you know if it’s truly a sale or just marked as one.

For me and my family today is Christmas church service night , slow drive home from our dinner out yes I said dinner out we save up for it and enjoy a nice night out it gives me a break from cooking because I’ve been baking for a week and plan a big Christmas graze fest for Tuesday.

I hope you’ll take time to see those lights and to spend time awing with your kids too.

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