Countdown to Christmas 21 Days and Counting

Countdown to Christmas 21 Days and Counting

Gifts for - clubs, baby sitters, lawn service providers, etc.

Now this group maybe the most difficult because we really don’t spend much time with these individuals to truly know how best to personalize a gift.


How much to spend on these gift range if these are people that take care of your children or home I would give between $50-$100 if it is someone like a secret Santa for work there is usually a limit so follow that rule and for clubs there should be a minimum of $25.00 and a max of $50.00.


Tips during the holiday’s can be a difficult so this is a general guideline.

Baby sitter:  tip the cost of one baby-sitting night and a handwritten thank you note from you or your child. 


Day care: $25.00 or less cash or gift card is acceptable.

Child’s teacher: Check your school’s policy or you may want to gather a few other parents to chip in on a class give a bookstore gift certificate for up to $25.00 is appropriate.


Newspaper delivery: Approximately $15.00 cash.


So think about gift cards-   for restaurants, Amazon- they can choose their own, Home Depot/Lowes, baked goods, chocolates, any of the gift baskets we list on our download page.   

For More tips and Saving go to


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