Countdown to Christmas 24 days and Counting -Decorating Inexpensively

Countdown to Christmas 24 days and Counting -Decorating Inexpensively

Candy Tree

 Warehouse stores are a great source for buying candy in bulk. Create a peppermint tree extravaganza using candy canes as ornaments and gluing together the cellophane wrappers end to end  (Sam’s club already has a 280ct for under $8.00)  wrapped peppermint balls for a unique garland. Flat wooden shapes can also be used as a backing for hot-glued candy decorations such as red hots, peppermint sticks, or mint disks. Keep these longer by spraying them with a clear sealer so humidity won’t affect the candy.  You will love the smell and kids won’t they created such a sweet decoration.


Toy Trees this is fun idea for a small tree in a child's room or your family tree.

 This is my favorite way of decoration our tree with my children getting older it seemed for a while they  were tossing their old toys away weekly so I have a great deal of toys to add to this year’s tree. Tiny toys look wonderful on a Christmas tree you can find them from garage sales, or thrift stores. For a collected look, go with one theme such as dolls, bears, or trucks. Wire heavier items to the sturdiest branches, then hang lightweight items by colorful ribbons or raffia loops.


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