Countdown to Christmas 32 Days and Counting

Countdown to Christmas 32 Days and Counting


Being prepared for tomorrow black Friday or tonight’s midnight sales.

1.       Print out your master must have list.

2.       Make an envelope for each store that lists your items and prices for that store and coupons. Make sure to put your limit for that store on the envelope as well this way you won’t go over your master budget.

3.       Keep your Smartphone laded with free download apps like TGI Black Friday this app will keep you up-to-date with ad for major retails and compare deals and prices. Deal new also offers an app that gives you regular ads so you can have the most current updates as they become available throughout the morning.  Check into stores on Foursquare for special deals throughout the day.

4.       Carry cash or debit if you are using a credit card make sure that you balance is clear before using and remember to keep your receipts in a secure place.  Discover cardholder can receive 5% cash back on department stores. MasterCard, and American express and a few others are offering free one-year extensions on manufacturer warranties. Just keep in mind if you’re not diligent in paying off your card balance you may have those charges on for two years. Also remember that Sam’s club and Cosco are considered Warehouse stores and do not qualify as department or grocery stores even if you are buying groceries there.

5.       If you run across an item and it’s not the right size, but a great price first no your store’s policy if you buy it now you maybe able to return it next week when the right size maybe in stock. Make sure to know the store’s policy during Black Friday sales they differ from every other day. Check their website for details and carry a copy of the policy with you just in case.

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