Countdown to Christmas 62 Days and Counting

Countdown to Christmas 62 Days and Counting

Energy Saving Heating System check up   if you hire a technician make sure that the report covers checking that the belts are working properly,  no air leaks are present in the pipes, that the gas –burning models are not emitting carbon monoxide. Take the time to invest in a carbon monoxide detector if you have a gas burning model. A well running furnace can save as much as 15% on heating costs and last up to 30 % longer than a neglected system.

Just a heads up I know that some people have relied on Angie's List for help in hiring. Just some information as you may know my husband is in the home repair business and full disclosure we have an ad on Angie's list however we did not pay for the premium membership so when Angie's list says that no business can pay to be on Angie's list that 's true however if you want to be seen in the top 50 no matter what your reviews are you have to pay for the membership.

So search further than the top 50 and you may find someone great and as always check with friends and always go with your gut feeling when you meet the person you let into your home.

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